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Hot Tin Roof Communications can help you set up a web site that delivers clean, easy-to-ready and engaging content.

We can help you choose, set up, populate and manage a WordPress website for your business. If you want a site with more features and complexity, Hot Tin Roof Communications can ensure your online strategy is in place and supported by the best content when you approach a web designer.

Showcasing your business online need not be a daunting experience.  We can work alongside you to choose a suitable WordPress theme and create clear and captivating content to tell the world about your business.

2018 National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Conference

During January 2018 the NAAE will be holding its annual conference Launceston, Tasmania.  As part of the conference organising committee, Cat has worked with the team to produce an engaging website and social media campaign.

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GH Napier and Son


Tasmanian beef producer Alison Napier is a savvy business operator who is passionate and proud about what she does and committed to operating at a level of industry best practice.

Alison was keen to establish a simple, yet effective website to showcase her high-rainfall beef enterprise and promote high-quality grass-fed beef to today’s discerning consumers.

Hot Tin Roof Communications Principal, Cat and GH Napier and Son owner, Alison worked together to select clean and simple WordPress theme (Sela), and develop and upload content and images that reflect Alison’s efficient, strategic and sustainable business approach.

Take a closer look at the GH Napier and Son website

Palmerston Coopworths

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For Principal Bill Scott-Young, the goal of the Palmerston Coopworth Stud is to produce easy-care, productive, dual-purpose sheep ideally suited to Tasmanian conditions.

The Palmerston Coopworth stud is just one component of a commercial mixed farming operation, which also consists of commercial prime lambs, cattle and irrigated cropping (poppies, seed crops, and peas).

Bill and his partner Leanne were looking to create a simple, yet professional website to connect with their clients, promote the Coopworth sheep breed and share the seasonal activities and developments in their thriving operation.

Hot Tin Roof Communications Principal, Cat worked with Bill and Leanne to select and develop a website using an appealing WordPress theme (Sela), and create a friendly and engaging dialogue to reflect their business and core values.  Cat helped the Palmerston Coopworth team to refresh their logo to match the website’s look and feel, and she created an-easy-to-follow user guide which allows Bill and Leanne to update and manage their website on their own.

Take a closer look at the Palmerston Coopworths website