Writing and editing

As Ernest Hemingway said; “Easy reading makes damn hard writing”.

Cat is adept at delivering complex technical information in an engaging and easy-to-read format, through language that is pitched at each target audience’s level.

Her close working relationship with agricultural researchers and producers across Australia has seen her develop a level of respect and trust on both sides of the information channel.

Cat’s tertiary qualifications in agricultural science offer her an all-important insight into the complexities of scientific concepts, but when combined with her on-farm experience, she can deliver key messages in a way that is meaningful and encourages adoption on farm, yet retains the integrity of the research they underpin.

“This is undoubtedly the best article written about my/our work in 20 odd years !!
Some of us scientific types are, to be truthful, very sceptical about “journalistic types”. Mostly we get the first draft, throw it away and essentially rewrite the story, leaving the only the original skeleton in place. Essentially because there are so many errors within. Your article was not only entertaining, but factually spot-on.
So please take this as a real compliment — you have managed to achieve what no-one else has done. Its great working with true professionals.”
Andy Craig, PIRSA – SARDI

Recent projects

Here is sample of recent projects for which Hot Tin Roof Communications has provided a range of writing, editing and proofreading services.

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Publication: Russia’s wheat industry: Implications for Australia


Publication: Research for the Riverine Plains 2016


  • Client: Riverine Plains Inc
  • Date of release: August 2016
  • Hot Tin Roof Communications services: Editing for style, consistency and readability and proofreading before publication.
  • Design and layout: Redtail Graphic Design
  • Previous publications for this client:
    • Stubble management guidelines (2016)
    • Research for the Riverine Plains 2015
    • Between the rows (2015)
    • Research for the Riverine Plains 2014
    • Research for the Riverine Plains 2013
    • Research for the Riverine Plains 2012

Factsheet: UNFS Stubble management guidelines: Flaxleaf fleabane


  • Client: Upper North Farming Systems (UNFS)
  • Date of release: August 2016
  • Hot Tin Roof Communications: Editing for style, consistency and readability and proofreading before publication.
  • Design and layout: Megan Hele Design
  • Previous factsheets for this client:
    • Breakcrop options
    • Crown rot
    • Inter-row sowing
    • Onion weed
    • White grain disease